is a total cashless mini vending machine solutions provider with the expertise and experience to help you establish and expand your automate your revienue. We offer a unique combination of consultation, technical, and marketing skills to augment our creative design abilities to create a powerful vending machine system.

What can we do for you?
AVA brings you a plethora of opportunities to help you sow the seeds of success with its wide range of services and expertise in mini cashless vending machine industry.

Our system developers are no strangers to the overwhelming growth of vending machine industry. We help you to create you vending machine system that functions as smooth as any excellent customer service procedure should. Your vending machine system needs a flexible and cost-effective shopping cart that enables your customers to make purchases on spot in a safe and secure environment.

A vending machine system acts as a front end of your business, allowing your customer's payment information to pass via a secure connection to a cashless payment gateway system using their mobile. To ensure that you have what you need for the best possibility of success, we have created a checklist with the essential guidelines on what is necessary to create your vending machine.


The payment gateway system then channels your customer's requests and transfers through the relevant financial networks. It then sends back either a confirmation or denial back to the vending machine software.

Supported Payment Gateway

  • Apple Pay90%
  • Google Pay60%
  • MADA90%
  • PayPal100%
  • Tap.company80%
  • Stripe90%
  • Squareup95%

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